#1,581 Spring.

Today was rather uneventful, though it was Palm Sunday which means a really special week in the church calendar is here. It feels like it was JUST Christmas, but it’s already Holy Week! How did that happen??

We and the Nowells had a huge country club lunch compliments of Jim and Mal:

And all afternoon, we did nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. Except we did take 2 walks because it’s just so beautiful in Laurel this time of year it feels wasteful not to take advantage of it. The entire historic district is dressed head to toe in its finest florals, and the temperatures are hovering around 80 degrees. Yesterday we saw 8 (truly) photo shoots occurring between our house and the shop—that’s 1.5 blocks away. Summer’s smothering oppressive heat will be here any day now, and I want to absorb every cool breeze, azalea and dogwood blossom our neighborhood has to offer. It’ll help me make it through to the pumpkins in October.

See Lucy perform her famous Lu Crab Crawl: