#1,585 Digging in + Waffle Music.

I still haven’t really decided on what flowers I want. I’m totally agonizing over it. It’s so dumb! I only know I want something tall, whispy and with small white blooms on the back row near that stone border, but what IS that going to be? And the shorter ones, I think I’ve made up my mind—some lavender + Russian sage or lantana or catmint + trailing rosemary down low. It’s going to be raining so we won’t get to work on it tomorrow, but maybe I can make the nursery run. Any last minute tall white perennial suggestions? I love bridal wreath but it’s TOO big. Don’t want anything taller than 3-4 feet max. It’s hard being terrible at flowers. I’m clueless.

Tonight after the gorgeous Maundy Thursday service at church, we were craving breakfast for supper so we headed to Waffle House where we met this adorable family—the Griffiths. We sat at the next booth and were wildly impressed with their jukebox choices as a family (Prince, Elvis, Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, and the kids picked Wagon Wheel).
It was so good to see a big family like theirs talking to each other excitedly over dinner, seeing such well-behaved boys talk to us grown ups like they were grown-ups themselves. Cuties!