#1,588 Easter Plus 2.

This year’s Easter was remarkably like last year’s in that we hosted it and my family came for lunch… Except this year, there were 2 extra people who didn’t exist last spring. I wish I had taken better pictures at church, but like I said, see last year’s post for a similar effect. The music of the orchestra and choir was incredible, and the church house was packed to the rafters. I wish every Sunday could feel like Easter.

 Can you guess who designed the programs? 

We rushed home to get the ham out of the oven, and the eating tournament/photo session commenced:

I snapped some of the sweetest family pictures. Everyone’s just so ooey gooey over having Walker and Lucy around it’s easy to catch people smiling.

 I mean… Is this not the best little family picture ever? These are good folks right here.

I hope your Easter made your heart want to bust, too. Our Jesus is alive, and we all have a new beginning, the promise of springtime and hope and love because of it. Happy day, friends!