#1,587 Church Family Easter.

One of the best things about being a Southerner is that this headline appears every Easter on the front page of the town newspaper, and that’s not just considered acceptable—but essential.

The church family Easter egg hunt was this morning around lunch and it was just adorable and perfect and sunshiney and 75 degrees is all. I got to wear one of my new Quarter Century dresses, so I was tickled before we even left:

We walked out of the front door with fresh cupcakes, a football and a frisbee in tow and at the sidewalk met the Webers and their dog, Nala, headed to Gardiner Park too. Our favorite park in town is just the next block over, actually it’s Jim and Mal’s front yard, and the church uses it for different outdoor events from time to time, like the family Easter egg hunt. Someone in a horrifying cute Easter bunny costume makes an appearance at the end, but somehow I missed snapping his photo. Hmmm.

Lucy and Sugar were there, of course.






Busted our minister getting into the cookies before lunch was served.






 That hat! The best.

The same architect who designed NYC’s Central Park designer Gardiner Park. Isn’t that cool?



It couldn’t have been more picture perfect. I wish you could’ve been there! It reminded me of that scene in Steel Magnolias. You know the one I’m talking about?
Afterward, we nearly killed ourselves hustling to dig and finish both flowerbeds before sundown. Ben was spreading mulch after dark by the light of the truck low beams, so who knows what it actually looks like out there now?