#1,590 Checkups + Canton.

I had post-op follow up appointments with my 2 doctors in Jackson today. Dr. Moore gave me nothing but good news. A great visit all around.

Dr. Nicols told me my gallbladder is still suspect and that he feels sure it’s going to be coming out in my lifetime. Sooner or later. My appendix needed to go—it was looking bad, but there’s no guarantee my gallbladder wasn’t also causing my attacks. So, that might be in my future if I’m ever sick again. But we’ll just hope and pray that won’t happen, right?

We were done doing medical stuff by 4:00, so we made a few stops along the way home. Like, for instance, at Williams Sonoma.

And Anthropologie where I swooned over these bowls. Bowls!

And after that, I asked Ben if we could go through Canton because somehow, I’ve never been there before. The movie capital of Mississippi! What with the McConaissance going on, I felt we would be remiss if we didn’t. I made him take my picture in front of the famous cafe/law office on the town square from A Time to Kill.

I made him stand in front of the courthouse from the “Free Carl Lee” scenes. So he stood there. And I said, “You’ve got to do something with your arms. It’s weird if they’re just hanging there.” So he crossed them. So natural, I know. I clearly have a future in portraiture.

Then we passed by the house from My Dog Skip, which I sort of remember. It’s been years since I saw it.

But I’m very very very familiar with O Brother, Where Art Thou (Clark, Daddy, and Ben can recite the movie from beginning to end—they could put on a community theatre production) and recall the scenes filmed around the courthouse.

After a short visit, we were on the road headed back to Laurel on winding, shaded country roads. Really country. Like, what Mississippi must look like in your mind’s eye to you folks who haven’t been here before.

At least, I hope this is what Mississippi looks like in your imagination.

I hope it’s not the sopping wet with sweat look as shown in A Time to Kill.

You should visit it in person sometime. It’s really a lovely place, despite what you might’ve heard.

Well, Ben does sweat pretty hard in the summer. I mean. Probably more than Ashley Judd.