#1,592 Homey Places.

There were two moments when I found myself to be really really happy today. During our morning breakfast routine, on the porch, having our cereal and coffee (well, Coke for me), while the church bells were playing songs a block away, and the sounds of our home—the chkchkchkchkchkchkchk of the sprinklers, The Drifters channel on Pandora drifting through the screendoors from the office, and the birds singing their songs. Every morning is the same, and it’s a special reason to get out of bed, to me.

After work I went over to my parents. Mama was gone to pick my grandmother up from the beauty shop (that’s roughly 200 yards from both their houses), and daddy was out by the lake weedeating the banks, and the new built in sofa he made a few weekends ago out on their deck looked so fluffy and comfortable… I had no choice but to lie down and be right in the middle of a breezy, balmy, sweet spring in rural Mississippi.

I could’ve slept all night out there. Mama and daddy joined me in their adirondack chairs a little later, having their dinner and talking about work today.

I’m glad I’ve got 2 homes—one in town, one in the country. They split my differences just right.