#1,608 Potting.

I spent most of the evening picking out and planting new annuals in all my porch pots because the ones I planted in November officially looked like garbage:

I’m so proud of how long my two huge rosemary pots lasted. They were on their last leg today, but we planted them for the magazine shoot way back in 2012!

Pitiful, I know.

There’s a fantastic new nursery in north Laurel and it’s just a wonderland of beautiful flowers—stuff Lowe’s wouldn’t get in a million years. With a little help from the experts there, I picked out some flowers that should do well in full sun.

Oh! You can see how our new beds are doing out front, too. A couple of the lavenders died, though I don’t understand why because all the others are doing great. I replaced the dead ones with trailing white roses on a whim, and I’m excited to see if those turn out.