#1,609 Mama Day.

There was so much mama love today! First there was mama love in Collins where we had lunch with Ben’s family at his grandparents’ house:

Then there was mama love for Mammaw with a box of Whitman’s chocolates, because that’s what my grandfather gave her for every special occasion and I wouldn’t let the tradition end when he passed away in 2001:

Later, there was love for my mama, too:

Still just has limber as she was in her cheerleading days:

Right after Ben and daddy had a fitness competition in the living room floor (which my super fit 60 year old father won… Woah):

But the biggest Mother’s Day surprise of all was Emily and Josh’s big announcement!

They told us on April 12, but I had to keep it a secret for a whole month. So glad the cat is finally out of the bag!

Happy mother’s day to all you wonderful ladies, too! I hope you felt loved today!