#1,622 Painting + Big Foot.

I spent a couple hours this afternoon working on an illustration of Mal and Jim’s house just for fun and a little practice, and y’all… I just really did enjoy it. Painting used to make me think of those finals weeks in college, busting out 20 crappy paintings to turn in for my final grade in hopes of making an A regardless of my sloppy shadows. It always felt like work that I didn’t necessarily always enjoy.

But today it was something different. It made me happy. And I think it’s because I just really do love pretty houses.

Then in an effort to get at least one photo of Steve, I captured this Bigfoot-ish image of my elusive cousin who absolutely hates having his picture taken:

Which we all find hysterical.

Great news on Mae—she might get to go home tomorrow! Her oxygen level is back up, her pneumonia is a little less serious, and she was up and down walking a ton today. And she got to eat for the first time since last Sunday. Woo!

More great news? Our bags are packed for our annual summer roadtrip.

Tomorrow night I’ll be posting from one of my favorite places in the whole world. Stay tuned!