#1,623 Summer Vacation.

It’s our annual summer trip, which brings us to Wakulla Springs for one night, like always. The internet is spotty today here in the wilderness so I’ll just keep it to mostly pictures!

After we took Chevy and Baker to their air conditioned accommodations for the week,

We hit the road!

And 5 hours later, we’re back in one of our favorite places in the world that was also one of my grandmother’s favorites, too.

After a (brisk) swim we had dinner in the ballroom. Ben went with some fancy pasta that frightened me, and I had a 3-cheese pasta with a fried green tomato on top. Yummmmmm.

And before bed we sat out by the waterfront on a bench and listened to the spooky sounds all around us. The creatures in the woods and springs make the wildest noises at night! I called Mae to tell her about it and to see how she’s feeling. She’s making big improvements. I’m just over the moon about that. I hope she can finally go home soon.

And now I’ll go back to our room and take a shower in the marble bathroom, then read until my eyes are too heavy to stay awake. Goodnight, Wakulla!