#1,630 The Hut.

Did I tell you that Mae came home from the hospital over the weekend? She did! And Steve came back home again from Missouri to take care of her for the first few days, but he had to leave on Sunday. She mentioned that her AC stopped working, her toilet wouldn’t stop running, and the water pipes froze and burst over the winter at the little guest house she got for Steve and the kids when they visit. When it was new she even had a wooden sign custom carved for it, reading “The Granny Hut Est. 2004”. Today Ben wanted to go see her and check it all out to see if it’s something he and the youth could work on for Youth on a Mission this week. I also had some handmade cards that Lisa and her adorable kids made just for Mae that I needed to deliver, so around 5:00 we made the long drive out to the country.

She was so overwhelmed by the cards from my sweet blog reader friends. She couldn’t believe they’d thought enough of her to do that. Isn’t the power of USPS + the internet amazing?

When we got there she was cleaning house and running around like nothing ever happened. I jumped all over her about resting and giving herself time to recover… I know a thing or two about that. But it didn’t take. She followed Ben out to the Granny Hut to “help” him.


My great Aunt Beck who lives across the road saw us from her kitchen, thought I was a prisoner (obviously) because of my striped dress, rode her lawnmower over to see.

The end.