#1,641 Giveaway #1 Winner + Popsicles.

We had our first house giveaway today! We put everyone who entered into a big jar and drew a name out… And it was actually pretty suspenseful shuffling around in there. I was so nervous! Drumroll please…

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN to paint!

In other news, I made strawberry basil popsicles at midnight last night so I could have one with lunch today. And it tasted just like the one I had in St. Augustine! You’ve got to try it! I mean, I wouldn’t even call it a recipe… You just buy a tub of those frozen sliced strawberries in sugar, let them thaw, and puree in your blender along with generous amounts of basil (the seasoning kind). Then pour them into popsicle molds and let freeze overnight. These are especially great because since they’re real fruit, they don’t really melt!

Also, how fun is this cheapy new nail polish I found at Walgreen’s?