#1,640 Small Home Big Start + Live Chat.

Remember a couple weeks ago when Amanda and Garrett came to Laurel on their honeymoon road trip across the south? Well. She wrote the absolute BEST blog about our little hometown, “The City Beautiful.” I shared it on facebook and I couldn’t believe the response. I’ve always wished for some way to hold up our town for the people who’ve always lived here to see it for what it really is—a beautiful and very special place to live. I think a lot of Laurel folks take that for granted.

Also, today we launched a brand new feature on the Lucky Luxe website that is so cool. Have you live chatted with a company before? Now you can talk to me all day every day by clicking that little window. Last night I helped 2 brides, one in Brazil and one in New York, via the live chat that I wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise. I was texting from my phone and they were receiving it on their end. Love this!