#1,639 Shop Doors + Benadryl.

They finished builing the double shop doors today and now all that’s left to do is for us to stain them a deep reddish mahogany color this weekend to match the doors on our house. I can’t get over how fast they did all of this and how it looks exactly the way I imagined it. The only thing we’re rethinking are the windows, which we just used from the old shop to save money… Gosh it’d be cute if those were white window frames. First world problems, right?

Baker’s liking the new shop.

We learned today that if you put sunglasses on him, it basically paralyzes him. We have laughed over our blind dog reaching out for his seeing eye person all day. Baker is 3 years old, but he acts 100 in sunglasses:

In other news, we went for a long walk tonight and I had another one of those weird allergic reactions to who knows what in the air. As I was racing through the back door, the hives were spreading and my eyes were swelling shut. It’s a very panicky feeling when this happens until that rush of ice cold water that washes down 3 magic pink pills:
And before long, I feel fine but look like Rocky till tomorrow. Yipee!