#1,670 Lucky Luxe Annual Conference.

We spent the entire day bumming around New Orleans starting with breakfast at Mena’s Palace in the French Quarter:

Followed by shopping the awesome sale at H&M from which I came away with about 10 new outfits for $170, and a whole lot of time on Magazine Street (and our first Sucre visit):

We met Sauce and Ross and Friedrich and Gabrielle at Mona Lisa, our favorite restaurant in New Orleans. We all talk so easily, it feels sort of sad to me that we don’t get to see each other regularly. I’m so thankful for technology that makes it possible for us all to collaborate on Lucky Luxe every day, from wherever—I just wish it didn’t HAVE to be that way. You know?

Our whole little team. The only people I trust to take care of our baby. These are good people right here.