#1,688 Up and Up.

Guys. I’ve finally found a flatprint vendor that meets Lucky Luxe quality standards and this has basically consumed my entire day. The new samples came in and I couldn’t stop smiling. They’ll be less expensive, on the nicest paper you can get, and they’ll ship from Jackson, just 2 hours away. This will be a very boring blog for most every one of you—but do you see how close this digital print swatch is to the actual Pantone color? IT’S AMAZING.

There were other really exciting whisperings of opportunity today that I want to tell you about, but it’s just not time yet. So many exciting things are developing for our little business and it all feels like it means something more than just “business.” You know what I mean? Sorry. I’m being vague. I know.
We did find out for sure that on Monday, our house will be on Design Sponge. Which is crazy exciting! More on that in a few days!