#1,687 Fall Fake Out.

Yes, I know it is July 30. But the weather did not.

This morning on my run it was 64 degrees outside! Totally unheard of. I had so much energy the moment I felt the air when I walked out the door to leash up Chevy and Baker. Immediately, my thoughts for the day became positive (and so many good things happened for work—the power of positive thinking?) and I started planning our night on the porch.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story. I wish you could’ve been here.








Tonight after everyone went home, Ben and I went for our midnight walk/run just like every other night… And at a point on our walk back towards home, I had a moment when I realized I will remember this season of our life when I am older, and I’ll miss this so much. With our  favorite music blaring in our earbuds, running together in the middle of the dead city streets, running apart round and round on the track, talking, running, talking, dancing (sometimes—if the right song comes on each of our playlists), while the city sleeps and there’s only the sound of our footsteps crunching on the crushed brick track.

We won’t be able to do this forever. But one day, I’ll look back and remember how young and alive and fun life was, to be 28 with so much unexplored life spread out before us.