#1,695 Walking + Weidmann’s.

The sun was really friendly this morning when we woke up.

And despite the smothering heat that got an early start, I felt like walking to work in my long, hippy dippy, swooshy chambray dress. It felt fun to kick it with each step.

Along the way I saw all the teachers at St. John’s getting ready for the first day back. Which might have been today? I have no idea. I didn’t hear the little children laughing on the playground, but I know that it’s the first morning I’ve seen the parking spaces all taken, which means fall is right around the corner.

Which landed the pumpkin patch on my calendar to design this afternoon!

And after another hard day, we decided it would be best to go ahead and meet Jim and Mallorie in Meridian for Weidmann’s.

Can I just say how hard I am crushing on Ben? Even in a plain white t-shirt. He said “I need to change clothes for Weidmann’s.” I said, “Nah. You’re fine.” (If I used emoticons in my blog, I’d give that a…….

An interesting fact about driving to Meridian—while it’s only 56 interstate miles, it somehow takes 3 days (if you don’t stop) to get there.

Laurelites—can I get an amen?