#1,699 The Sunny Rainy.

I woke up to find letters from Lisa in the mailbox this morning—along with artwork from her adorable children.

I spent the day designing a new fruit crate label that looks like an old fruit crate label. It gave me great joy. It made me wish it was fall. I’ve got problems, y’all. I do.

But then another afternoon storm rolled in and the skies turned angry and black and the rain flooded so hard, I could barely see out of the windows in my studio. I find that when rain clouds start to form, I get really pumped up about it—like pregaming—for a little thunderstorm. It makes me want to listen to Fiona Apple and wear a sweater. It made Ben want to go across the street to he and Josh’s woodshop to work on building a frame from reclaimed wood for the new pasta print from Josh and Em.

While I was on a silly phone call with our new friend, Lindsey. Thanks, again, to the internet.

It was a day full of opportunity. Capped with a long midnight walk around the neighborhood, with Blue Mountain providing the soundtrack.

Mondays ain’t so bad.

I’m sad about Robin Williams.