#1,701 Kathleen Kelly + Skype.

I woke up this morning daydreaming about New York.

This doesn’t happen infrequently.

Today, I was thinking of how I’m ready to say goodbye to summer and swap shorts for sweaters, which made me think of the Christmas pop-up shops in Bryant Park, and breakfast at Sarabeth’s, and the 5th Avenue window displays—more elaborate than a local theatre production.

Which made me think of You’ve Got Mail, which I watched while I did my work before lunch. And isn’t Kathleen Kelly just about the best movie heroine ever? In a world where I can choose to be a movie character every day of my life—can I just sign up to be Kathleen Kelly? She is, as Tom Hanks calls her, “enchanting.” Oh, Meg. I miss you. You’re crazy, but I  miss you.

Annie, if you’re reading, I know you’re with me on this!

And… Ben and I also had an hour long Skype meeting with Jenna and Paul who are casting executives for a major TV network this afternoon… Regarding a really exciting opportunity for us, and Laurel, and Lucky Luxe. An opportunity that could mean sharing our family, our friends, our town, and our faith on a very big scale.

Is this real life? We are, of course, approaching this with a huge dose of reality, assuming in all likelihood that nothing will come of it, but it has been so much fun to be in just such a time as this. It feels like a brush with the world so large that we might never see it again.

It’s been another wild and weird week so far. Utterly thankful doesn’t begin to cover the way we feel.

Stay tuned!