#1,702 New Winter Boots.

We’re going back to New York and the Berkshires this Christmas for some work stuff (and just some Christmas stuff!) and lately I’ve been thinking about my really comfortable Born boots I’ve worn up there the last several years and how I just really can’t bear to see more photos of myself in their Ugg(ly)/moccasin glory… And Mal told me about this pair of Sorel boots she saw on the Square in Oxford last week. A riding… Bean boot! Could anything be better?! So I went to Zappos and ordered a pair to try on. They came in today, and while the jury is still out on comfort (I think I’ll have to wear them long distance before I can KNOW), man… They’re pretty. And they smell all leathery and wonderful. You know that smell.

And it makes me really want to get this duffel coat from L.L. Bean to go with them. Because, I mean, it says it will keep you warm down to -25 degrees. That ought to work, right?

Should I do it? It’s just so expensive. The Karen Rasberry in me has a hard time dealing with that price tag. But these are both pieces I’d wear for years and years. Right?

I hate spending money.