#1,703 Walker-ing + Razzles' 5th.

Since Clark is off on Fridays, that’s usually my day of the week to spend some time with John Walker. He’s on the verge of being able to crawl and he can stand by himself (if a bit wobbly), which is so hard to believe. Lucy’s progress happens in front of me every day, but I only get to see Walker’s growth milestones weekly. And it’s so easy to see the way his face is losing the baby and turning into a boy. You know what I mean?

We went on a 3 mile walk around our neighborhood which is quite different from the 3 mile walks Ben and I take at 11 pm. For one it was very hot out, but also… You see EVERYBODY in town at lunchtime. Walker is a very popular person around here. So it was a pretty slow walk.


And tonight, Ben and I had planned a date night for just the two of us since 5 years ago today, our better half got hitched up:

And were planning their own little celebration for 2 tonight. Then 5 o’clock rolled around and they were Lucy-less in the drive-thru car wash. Not having much of a celebration, they figured they might as well just come with us since we were having dinner at Cotton Blues, where they had their first date in 2007. And where they told us they were having a baby. It’s sort of “their” restaurant for special occasions, and we ate a lot of ranch dressing and fried chicken. So.

Happy anniversary, you love birds!