#1,721 New Stamp + Celestone + Boden.

It only took me 3 years, but I spent about an hour trying a million and a half different outrageously vintage-ish designs (craftsman! apothecary! gender-non-specific! Jane Austen girly!) of our return address for home (since somehow—I am just now getting around to stationery with our “new” address)… And ultimately. I decided that since the front of the envelope will have somebody’s sloppy address in my handwriting… The font that just really matches that for the return on the flap… is my own handwriting. So. I settled.


But I like it anyway. It’s like this—they say daddy’s the best physical therapist in Mississippi, but my mama’s back is always hurting. When it’s your job, you save your best work for your clients I reckon.

Did I tell you my sinus infection came back yesterday when I woke up? It sure did. It felt like there was concrete behind my cheeks inside my sinuses, though I’m really happy it chose to ease up on me over the weekend with the virus. I reluctantly decided that since we’re now 9 days into it, it’s time to admit when I need help. I was prepared to go to the clinic over my lunch break and be back in time to lock up the shop at closing, but instead… I was very pleasantly surprised. 30 minutes: in, out, a super nice MD, a celestone shot + Biaxin prescription and I’m on the track to wellness.

Also, one of the Boden coats came in today. Exactly as warm and well fitting and cute as I thought it would be, unfortunately. Mal and I have a plan to just share them both and in that way get 2 coats for the price of one.

We’re going to be fighting over this one.

Lastly, this has been on my mind lately.

And ain’t that the truth? Let’s stop comparing our lives, our sofas, our achievements, to people we believe are better than us, smarter than us, more talented than us. Instagram makes it harder, but the truth is their life is different than I imagine. They have struggles and insecurities and a design in their collection that they think looks sorta lame.

And chances are… They might even think our sofa looks pretty cool, you know?