#1,725 Beat Vandy.

After a morning spent yard working and cleaning house, then the Saturday lunch run to P.D.I.:

We had a date with daddy, Clark and Walker to watch Ole Miss beat the dress off  play Vanderbilt. Since mama’s out of town at a tennis tournament and Amanda had to work, I was crashing a men-only party.



Daddy teaching Walker how to fry fish:


And how to make hush puppies:

I’m a little stunned by how handsome Ben is. I know everyone thinks their husband is handsome (I hope they do, at least), but I swear… If I didn’t know him, I’d be so jealous of any girl that did. He’s still the biggest crush I’ve ever had.

It was one of those spectacular last days of summer when you could relish the warm breeze without sweating, lick the salt from your fingertips left by home fried potatoes, and feel distinctly proud to live below the Mason-Dixon line.