#1,728 Wreath is Up + Business Papers.

I got out my fall wreath this morning. I do not care that it is still 90 degrees outside.

I do not care at all, I said.

Also, look what came off the presses today! Our very first business cards as co-owners (in rose gold foil no less)! And our new sample mailers!

It feels really real now. Really real. Which also got us thinking more seriously about our healthcare plan after the big career change in November. We’re thinking pretty seriously about joining Christian Medi-Share in January. Have you heard of these medical bill sharing ministries? It’s kind of like insurance, except nothing like insurance. It sounds like it could be great for us but I’d love if you have any experience with it and have some thoughts or advice. What I love about it is that your monthly payments don’t go to lining some insurance company’s pockets—they go straight to another family in their time of need after a medical event.

I also spent the better part of the day coming up with some lettering concepts for a custom invitation. I always feel a little stressed at the beginning of a custom project, but once I wade into it—it’s super therapeutic. I feel like a REAL artist when I get paint on my hands.