#1,730 Business Meeting + Chronicle Magazine.

I got to spend some of the morning getting creative and dreaming big with Bethany this morning, the marketing genius who helped me figure out how to make the Lucky Luxe website work intuitively, who taught me I should let my online store reflect my southerness, to say “y’all” if I want to.

Her work with our website was finished in early 2013, and since then she’s just been a kind of all-around social media mentor to me and I so enjoy the rare occasion when we can get together and talk and plan. She’s a great cheerleader for small business and is always the person I call when I need a pep talk. Mornings like this one recharge my biz lady battery. We’re a lucky bunch to have so many creative professionals in such a small town to lean on and mentor one another. It makes being small feel big.

In other news, my husband’s face and a story about our beloved city’s mascot (Big Ben the lumberjack) landed in my mailbox today!

I’ll be ate for a tater if the town paper didn’t make a magazine. How fun is that?