#1,731 Yummy Friday.

For breakfast, I was happy to find one more caramel apple puff pastry from the Bake Shop in the fridge. I toasted it. If it looks good, it was better than that.

And since earlier this week the vegetable beef stew was so mind bogglingly easy to dump into the crock pot and enjoy after work—I tried it again with this cheesy potato soup recipe that’s been floating around pinterest forever. When I left for the studio, there were frozen chunks of potato floating in chicken broth and bacon:
P.S. — I doubled the recipe and added one diced yellow onion.
When I got home from work there was this (magic!):
Then there was some really lovely stormy weather:
Then Josh and Emily came over and helped us take care of that soup:
You need to try it. Please promise me. You don’t have to load it down with green onions like I do—that’s totally up to you.
But I’d recommend that, too.