#1,735 Melagone-a.

Lame title for today’s post, I know. BUT, Ben has had this strange spot on his temple for a few years since a trip to the beach with no sunscreen that left him a little charred. It’s worried me a little in recent months because it seemed a little bigger, so I made him an appointment with Dr. Gullung, the most thorough and recommended dermatologist around here. I’m glad I did, because the doctor said the spot was pre-cancerous, that it needed to go, so he blasted it with the frozen air gun thing, and assured him it will peel off in a few days and hopefully won’t ever come back. Now, Ben has a sweet lookin’ blister on the side of his head.

He also made Ben get in his birthday suit and checked every square inch of him for any other suspicious cancerous activity. There was none (fortunately), but he certainly got an eyeful.

The end.

We got new lanterns for the shop door! Next up: a fresh coat of purple paint.