#1,751 Fall Swap.

Not like a college swap—no, because we are old. Also, I was never in a sorority.

Tonight Dawn hosted a fall clothing swap girl’s night at her house and listen up—if you and your girlfriends aren’t doing this already, make it happen! We each brought all the clothes we’re not loving anymore, or stuff that doesn’t fit, we brought appetizers, and we went shopping. For free!

After we did our snacking (on homemade pimiento and cheese (of course), crazy crackers, s’mores dip, homemade guacamole, and rice krispy treats):

We each introduced our piles. We had to tell the story on each piece we brought—where it came from, what size, what we love about it, why we’re giving it away:

We couldn’t claim anything until everyone had their turn to introduce their clothes. And after the last person went, it was a free for all to grab and try on everything you liked. We had SO much fun! Now we’re planning to do it again in the spring.

Do you and your friends ever have a girls night? What do y’all do?