#1,753 Ben’s Last Youth Sunday + Porch Hangs.

Today was Ben’s last youth Sunday after 9 years as a youth minister. Writing that just made me feel old.

But he did wear that handsome outfit from the other night at my request this morning, so that helped my feelings. You might be asking yourself, “Did he cry when he gave the sermon?” And the answer is YES nope, not at all.

After the service, all the youth came down to the front so the church parishioners could come and hug their necks. It’s amazing to see how much love and support the youth program gets from the church family.

Mrs. Mary Lyn is the precious woman from whom we bought our house. She’s like walking right into the sunshine—all warmth and hugs and smiles. This is a woman I am utterly thankful for.

I won’t linger on it because change is hard for me, even though we won’t be going anywhere—we’ll still be sitting right in our same pew in a few weeks when Ben is no longer employeed by the church, but still. Change is emotional for me.

I spent a cozy afternoon tidying up the house and washing the bed linens, then I sat outside to work on a house portrait for a client.

Before long, Mallorie texted the group saying “supper at our house at 7:20” so we all went over for spaghetti casserole on the porch in the chilly October air. I can barely think of anything better than that.

Except for maybe a fire on their back porch in the chilly October air under a full moon while listening to Sufjan Stevens and Zac Brown Band.

This was one of those incredible weekends I won’t ever forget. I hope yours was cozy and sweet, too.