#1,756 Sarah + Boots + Dessert + Baker.

There’s a random smattering of thankfuls today, all completely unrelated, starting with Sarah.

Sarah and her husband, Ty, are like our twins to the north in Knoxville, a married couple running a custom letterpress invitation shop called The Happy Envelope.

After randomly stumbling upon their site one day and reading about them, I realized Sarah and I had so much in common—Jesus loving Southerners, stationers, with big crushes on our handsome Scotch/Irish bearded husbands. I reached out with an email early this year, and since then we’ve kept up with each other on the regular. We get real with each other about business—and let me tell you, that’s not typical. Most people in our work make it sound like it’s all sunshine and roses 100% of the time. And truly it is, most of the time. But in each other we’ve found confidantes who understand the bridezillas and struggles and celebrations of owning an invitation shop, we lift each other up and help each other out, and today, I’m very thankful for her. In a business that’s super competitive, it’s really lovely to have a friend.

Next up—found the very pair of short boots I’ve been looking everywhere for. For cheap. There’s sherpa in em. They fold and bend at the top and hold their shape. I’ve never bought anything from Just Fab, but now I might be a convert. Let’s see if these faux leather pretties feel worth a dern. I’ll keep you posted.

Tonight was the annual youth dessert auction at church, and Mrs. Wema’s famous coconut creme pie went for $105. It’s THAT famous.
Here’s a picture of Edward and a pretty German chocolate cake: 
When we got home from church, this is what we saw. I swear to you this was not staged. This is Baker’s new thing—living in the back of Ben’s truck:
My buddy. He. Is. Adorable. 
Chevy’s adorable too, he just hates to have his picture taken. I swear I think Baker knows how to smile and pose.
Sorry. That’s a lot of selfies.
Last, look who I spotted on the ten o’clock news tonight! They asked him for an interview, puffy eyed at 7:30 am + post workout + truck unloading sweatiness. That’s about right.