#1,759 Creative Saturday + Ole Miss Wins (Again).

With Ben on the coast having brother time, I relished the opportunity to spend an entire day in my studio working, working, working. On the weekdays, it’s the grind of answering emails and making revisions and proofs, and I so rarely have time to have new ideas and apply them to paper, to make plans, and to be creative. It feels most days like my job is to replicate and follow instructions, which is okay when I’m tired or feeling uninspired, but lately… I’ve had so many new ideas. I had so much fun working, lettering, drawing, my heart was actually racing now and then. The day passed in the blink of an eye and I left feeling spent in the best way, but also like I didn’t even finish half of what I had planned to. Maybe I’ll get another one of these deliciously creative Saturdays again one day soon. I can’t quite show you everything yet, but here are some of the bones of what I made today. I got so much practice with my brush and ink, finished 2 Christmas card designs and a brand new suite for the Collection.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard… Mississippi is still the best in the land. We beat Texas A&M handily, and State beat Auburn. How is this real life?