#1,763 Happy Birthday, Mama.

Today, my little mama turned 59 years old and some of her best friends threw a birthday lunch for her at Cafe La Fleur and invited me secretly as the “surprise” guest. Even though I’m just a block away at work, it was fun to show up and see how she smiled at the surprise of it.

Mrs. Melinda organized that we would each write a poem for her, since mama always writes a funny little personal poem for all of her nearest and dearest on their birthdays. We each had to read ours out loud:

I’m no poet, but I tried my best to think of the right words. Saturday we’re having her family birthday party/Ole Miss homecoming throw down, so I saved her gifts for then.

Just some pictures of the neighborhood this morning, feeling all fallish. I love the museum’s brand new sign! So stately!