#1,762 Fall Work Day.

Gosh it was a pretty day out there. That storm was worth it because today there were big breezes that gave me goosebumps. I did not turn on the AC at the studio for the first time in months (well except for last week when it completely died and we had to replace the whole unit and it was off by force—not by choice—it was expensive and sweaty and you like the way I didn’t mention it here? Yeah—not the best thing that day), I just threw open the windows and let the wind ruffle my papers.

I wore my favorite old boots. BOOTS! Because it was sorta cold out there!
I had a plein air lunch on the sidewalk at the deli downstairs with Ben and Josh while I did a little branding research for a client. We had creamy chicken and rice soup with a shared grilled pimiento and cheese BLT: