#1,761 Christmas Come Early + Bekah.

After a storm pre-emptive walk with the pups this morning:

I hustled over to the studio to make all the finishing touches to our 2014 Christmas stationery, photographed it, and got it all up on the website before the day’s end!
You can shop our new holiday stuff right here if you’re the early bird type.
I’m particularly excited about finally making a Christmas card for Laurel, which hopefully a few other people around here will like, too. 
(That little Big Ben ornament!)
The finished pen and watercolor illustration for the Glad Tidings card makes my heart happy. 

And just as I was closing up shop for the day, my sweet friend Bekah was just arriving for a dinner stop and a break from driving in the awful weather on her way to the coast. I wish I had thought to take more photos, but this will have to suffice:
We had tomato bisque, left over tamale pie, salad, fresh grapes and pumpkin cheesecake (a hodgepodge supper) with Bekah, Josh and Emily while the wind and rain and thunder pounded on the house. We started talking about scary movies since it’s two weeks until Halloween and we’ve yet to watch one—which led to listening to Harold from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark at the dinner table in the dim light of the wall sconces. This is the same recording that horrified me in childhood, but tonight just tickled a part of my silly childhood heart.
Tomorrow, fall returns. I’ve missed you, 72 degrees.