#1,768 Busy and Cozy.

It was such a very long, busy, great day at the studio and all over town.

I had meetings with Laurel Main Street and city hall and website issues and new orders and shipping confusion (that was resolved quickly, thankfully) and by 6:30, I was totally whooped. Mallorie stopped by the patch and bought some grey pumpkins and dried corn stalks this afternoon but left them in the back of Ben’s truck so we delivered them after work and I snapped this photo of their most delightful porch after she got it all set up:

Then we met up with the usuals + Ross and Laura at Sweet Peppers for hot soup out on the patio.

And it took every last ounce of energy to greet Ben’s mama at our house, take a hot bath and get into my flannel pajamas for a mug of Honeycomb and Friday Night Lights. And in case you ever wondered what I think of when I think about the way home feels—this is it.

Ben’s mama is staying here tonight on her way to the coast to help out Sam and the kids since Lyn will be going into the hospital for major surgery for her gastroparesis on Wednesday. I know she’s feeling very anxious today and tomorrow, and would so appreciate if you could send a prayer up for them in the coming days. Brooke—I know we can count on you!

We got the VERY good news that our beloved young adult class leader and mama hen, Mrs. Ina, after being diagnosed with a very rare form of lymphoma a few months ago and undergoing several rounds of chemo, is now in remission and cancer free. We’re all so thankful we could bust!