#1,773 The Great Shop Clean Up.

We’ve been spending every waking minute hustling around getting things done around the house and at Lucky Luxe for the last several days (and will be the upcoming weeks) getting it all ready for the filming, and the biggest of those tasks was marked off the list today—cleaning up the garage. Since it was finished back in June, Baker moved in like he owned the joint, bringing mayhem with him with every swash of his fat fluffy tail. He’s basically an enormous clumsy dust mop, and it was reaching the point where little mountains of dirt and dust were piling up in every corner, his fur creating cobwebs hanging from every surface. On day one Baker stood up underneath Ben’s work bench and knocked over the entire assortment of nails, screws and bolts. On rainy days, he’d roll in mud then bring that in there to his favorite spot—the bed of Ben’s truck.

I wish I’d thought to take a before photo, but now—it’s all ship shape.

Oil stains on the floor will be a permanent fixture. It’s the small price you pay to drive old cars without a monthly note.

We even fogged the place tonight while we were watching Ole Miss take their first loss of the season (so sad—but Les Miles deserved a little sunshine today with the loss of his mama), to get rid of all the spiders. It’s crazy how well it worked!

Nervous breakdown waiting to see if Bo Wallace could save the game…

Bo throws an interception.

At least there was good homemade potato salad.