#1,809 Sunday Walk + Lazy Night.

Though it was an unseasonably warm day (75 degrees!), it was really lovely. After church we had lunch out on the patio at McAlister’s.
Then we took a really long walk with the dogs, at which time I wore a sweatshirt and shorts and got sweaty. On November 30.
There was house cleaning and redecorating the tree from the great collapse. We shopped for our supper club Angel Tree kids. We found a brown tweed sport coat Ben has been wanting and got it on a cyber Monday sale. We made grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches for supper with Raisin Bran for dessert (my favorite). But then there was mostly just a whole lot of movie watching. We rarely turn on the TV just to flip channels, but it’s kind of a revelation relishing these free Sunday nights (we’re newbies!) and we just kept finding good ones, one after the next.
Well except for that last one. It was not a good one and we only watched for 5 minutes before turning in for the night—though there was a very handsome leading man. Can you guess them each?