#1,810 Painting Rooms.

So our main squeeze at the network watched the sizzle this morning and then called to tell us that… She loved it. And other terrifyingly encouraging, exciting things. I was shaking a bit when I hung up and relayed the information to Ben. It all feels very much like a dream. One thing she did ask is if I could create paintings of the way I envision the interiors just the same as I do the exterior portraits, then they can edit the sizzle and include these illustrations. And I haven’t drawn a room since 7th grade for Mrs. White when she asked us to pick a room from a magazine and use perspective lines projecting out from the horizon line. So. Here is my first effort at painting one of the rooms she and I chose from my inspiration Pinterest board in very very dim light at my dinner table:

In progress:


This room is not ideal for night work, but man it feels cozy.