#1,828 Rainy Day + Everything In Its Place.

It rained all day long. A slow, quiet, steady rain. It was cold out there. And you know me. I loved that. The ‘tap tap tap’ on the tin awning below our studio windows.

And after work, and after the Laurel Main Street Christmas party, and after the Charlie Brown Jazz Christmas concert at the Arabian, we came home and finally unpacked our bags from the trip. It always takes me a while to get around to that particular task. It’s tiring, and it means vacation is over until next time and Ben totes the suitcases upstairs to the guest room closet.

But once it’s done, it does feel so good to see everything in its place, the laundry rolling and clinking in the dryer, the socks paired in the baskets atop the washer.

It means “I’m home.”