#1,833 Christmas Eve with Toddlers.

It’s Christmas Eve again. My 29th one. How are the years flying by like this? I think blogging every day makes the days pass much faster than everyone else’s. It feels like I just wrote about Christmas Eve a few days ago, except the babies were babies and not toddlers that say words. Here is our sweet Christmas Eve in pictures.

Got the last gifts wrapped and put in a full day at the shop:

Ran to the grocery for a few things for our family dinner at Jim and Mal’s then made it to the church just in time to grab an empty seat for the candlelight service.

And then it was party time!

The new grandfathers, mine and Jim’s daddies, gave the babies their supper and it was adorable.

Mama’s famous pecan pie:

Clark has grown in a pretty great beard. I’m a fan, obviously.

Ben and I attempted a festive Christmas portrait with the tree:

Then Santa and his helper got busy putting together a pink kitchenette for a certain little girl.

It took every bit of 2 hours.

Merry Christmas!