#1,846 Fixer Upper Premiere.

For weeks we’ve been seeing the promos leading up to tonight’s premiere of Fixer Upper, so we made an event of it at mama’s house with ranch stew and a roaring fire on the side. Did y’all watch it?

I think the reason it’s become universally loved and wildly popular has much to do with Chip and Joanna and how genuine they seem to be, and how they care for each other and their family so much. And I think people are finally sick of watching trashy reality television once and for all and it feels good to spend time with these people who are doing great things in their communities instead of for pure entertainment value. At least, that’s what I’m loving about Fixer Upper. Y’all might just have a crush on Chip or something. I, personally, have a crush on Joanna’s hair.

Also, I made a new instagram friend today, Mrs. Brunk, a southern soul sister with some beautiful little children, who sent me a very touching message tonight. People like her make me feel like silly photographs are more than that. They’re snapshots that connect people whose hearts and minds love the same things. That’s kind of amazing. I should write Instagram a ‘thank you’ note sometime.