#1,845 Homewood Hang.

Well, so. I worked on an invitation suite for several hours, and right when I finished… I went to click save… And I got the spinning wheel of death. AHHHHH!!!

And my program crashed and I lost it all. And I almost cried, but instead I just started over and redid it all. So I didn’t leave work until 7:00 tonight, but it was all okay because then we headed over to Josh and Em’s for chili cheese dogs at Nowell Abbey. Because when you’re a grown up you can make the rules and eat what you want for supper.

Afterward, we hung out by the fire (with real wood!) and felt fancy because their house is just so grand, it has a way of making you feel fancy. But then, now that it’s theirs, even though they’re not unpacked completely yet and they’ve not gotten all of their art on the walls, it truly feels comfy and cozy, too. Approachable. And we talked about all of our plans for each of our companies in 2015.

I guess that’s what makes us such dear friends—the fact that we’re all on the same journey (loving this old town and these old houses and old cars in our old neighborhood, growing our own businesses, figuring out how to be who we’re going to be when we grow up and how to be good, happy families who love Jesus), and can help each other so much with different areas. Alone, we’re not too strong, but the sum of our parts makes us a pretty good small business: I’m the creative, Ben’s the dreamer, Mal is the realist accountant, Jim is the finance genius, Josh is the entrepreneur,  Emily is the problem solver. Together, I feel like we’ll always be able to figure things out with our work lives. There is a lot of comfort and encouragement in that. I hope you each have your own support system like that.

You know, our group (Napiers, Nowells, Rasberrys) that’s always together needs a name. It’s hard to list out all our names every time. I think I’ll think of a name for the collective!