#1,848 Green Weddings Love + Round Up.

Well Green Wedding Shoes shared Flora on instagram late last night which rocked my world today. Holy cow!

But right up until about 2 pm, Ben and I spent one more day rounding up incredibly thoughtful, personal, Laurel and Mississippi-made items and letters from the people who made or gave them (like Mrs. Leslie! Hey girl hey!), so we could ship the best care package in the history of the world to some really special people who deserve our love and gratitude. It was the heaviest package I’ve ever shipped, weighing in at 50 lbs. It took the biggest moving box from Lowe’s to hold it!

Ben gift wrapped it… Can you tell? #plaid

The coolest thing in the crate, the thing that made me green with envy because I want one so badly and only recently learned they existed AFTER they were completely sold out…

A cast iron skillet made by Laurel Machine and Foundry. I mean, I’m going to pitch a fit if I can’t have one when the reorder comes in.