#1,854 Baguette Breakfast + Scotsman Co.

I woke up this morning and (happily) remembered the personal-size homemade baguettes Mrs. Holly brought by yesterday and my mouth was watering before the butter could melt. Mmmmm…

And, I’m ready and willing to confess right here and now: I buy Bonne Maman jam because of the packaging. It makes me feel Frenchy and fancy even though I am just a Mississippi girl who has never seen France in person. The jam tastes the same as Smuckers. Emily knows what I’m saying.

It was one of those days at work when I had the rare pleasure of spending most of it working on my own passion projects. The emails piled up and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, but I pushed through and worked on some branding possibilities for our two new online shops (yes—in addition to the wedding collection). I’m whooped, but Ben will have his own brand when I lay my head down to sleep tonight.

I mean, can we actually do this? Run 3 online stores? Do people do that?