#1,872 Flash Trip to Flea Market.

After church this afternoon, we made the spontaneous decision to make the drive up to Jackson for a trip to the Flea Market (since we didn’t care anything about watching the Super Bowl):

I couldn’t believe the deal we got on a little antique wood and leather sofa that’s going in the studio after the remodel is finished, along with a black and white framed portrait of Sir Isaac Newton, and engravings of two ships that reminded me of New England (all of which I forgot to photograph). I’ve found some amazing antique hand-knotted rugs for a song on eBay that will be arriving in the next few days, along with these black warehouse pendant lights that will replace the brass ceiling fans in the main hall of the loft, so it’s really starting to come together!

And Jim and Mal picked up a super nice desk they found on Craigslist. And then we went to the outlet mall to see what was happening at J.Crew. Which Jim and Ben were really excited about too: