#1,874 Fun Work.

While Ben kept chugging along with the studio remodel (today a lot of the panel moulding went up in my office!), I was busy photographing our new and improved Market bags with stripes that look like they’re woven, even though they’re carefully printed on:

And I had the great pleasure of making a logo for Hope, my longest and dearest friend since junior high. She’s started a clothing shop called Maven upstairs at the antique mall that sells gorgeous fair trade clothes made by women in developing countries who’ve been rescued from sex trafficking, and she wanted the logo to reflect their empowerment, their renewal, their heritage, and the indigo colors they often use in their textiles:

And later, I went to Ben’s second church league basketball game of the season where team Business TOTALLY DOMINATED.

Just kidding, we lost by 30 points. But there’s always next week!