#1,876 Fancy Sweatshirt.

I don’t know if it’s like this where you live, but in Mississippi—people make t-shirts for EVERYTHING. Every chili cookoff, every family reunion, every tennis tournament, every hair salon, every dog groomer, so why oh why… Can’t the town stationer make one too?

So I printed a few t-shirts for the girls who work in our shop and a few other family and friends who wanted one. But I got myself a sweatshirt so I can be extra slouchy cozy.

Casual Friday tomorrow?

My eyes are so asymmetrical. Woah!

I found this at the Winn-Dixie tonight, so.

If I’m going to wear sweats to work, I might as well start living off pizza too, right?! Maybe Pat in Chicago can verify, but Gino’s is the best!

I know last night’s post was about t-shirts, too. Dangit.