#1,878 Stain + Paint.

My legs.

My legs are so tired.

Why are they so tired?

Because we squatted and stood a thousand times, filling nail holes and staining and scraping the windows and painting them in Ben’s office. And we are almost totally finished with it!


My office’s wainscoting is finished, and all along I thought for sure I would just stain it like Ben’s office… But now I’m thinking it would be really darker than I was anticipating in my room since my upper walls are actually stained, too… . I’ve got to make the decision between a creamy glossy white (I think we all know which white I speak of) or stained like Ben’s? I’m shooting for the most timeless approach since I tend to take more risks with the stuff on the walls rather than the paint. These are terrible efforts at Photoshop rendering, but what do you think?