#1,879 Birthday Lunch + Multitasking.

It was so incredibly gorgeous outside today! It was 75 degrees and we spent a lot of it in the park and taking a walk, and I left my phone at home with the intent to just be in it instead of record it like I have for so many years. It was kind of crazy, not tracking my walk or taking photos or sending texts. I kind of loved it.

We had lunch with my family at Mi Casita after church to celebrate Clark’s birthday coming up on Tuesday, and the only photo I took was of Walker man. Because he was riding the wooden horsey and it was precious.

And then I had a top secret house portrait to do for a dear friend of ours, and Ben was kind enough to take on the duty of the weekly bathroom cleaning while I did the painting. I swear he cleans better than me, when he feels like doing it. *Note: If there were a way get a jetless tub without spending a fortune and losing my bathroom to a renovation, I’d totally do it.

And I found this lovely quote, that I wrote down to remember it.

Hope your Sunday was a sweet one too, friend.

I’ve made a decision thanks to your helpful comments on yesterday’s post and today’s instagram!